Our AT&T U-verse Review For Students

An AT&T U-verse Review – What We Recommend For You

AT&T U-verse is deemed as the evolution of digital television, high speed internet and voice service. It makes use of dependable fiber optic technology to supply services for AT&T subscribers all over the country. U-verse guarantees that television programming will feature more digital and high definition programming and channels, faster and uninterrupted internet service and more voice features to keep you connected with your loved ones via landline phone service. If you are looking for efficient and practical bundle deals for TV, internet and voice then AT&T U-verse may be the service for you. Here are some of U-verse features that may interest you:

  • U-verse TV offers 100% crystal clear audio and video with over 205 high definition channels. U-verse channels are still growing as we speak.
  • U-verse TV uses Total Home DVR which allows you to record up to 4 shows at once!
  • Allows you to watch movies with your mobile device using the Total Home DVR apps.
  • Internet services have download speeds of up to 45Mbps and come with all the most efficient security features.
  • Internet subscribers have free access to national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network
  • Voice subscribers get over 20 calling features along with the popular caller ID, call waiting and three –way calling.
  • Voice comes with integrated features like voicemail viewer and caller ID on your television; these come when you bundle your services.
  • Get free activation when you order online
  • Student discounts for some campuses including ours

Advantages of using AT&T U-verse

Subscribers will be able to get more savings with their services when they choose to bundle their services. If they already have AT&T, they may still get reduced prices offers and promos for existing customers. You may also avail of U-verse build your own bundle offers and get the services that you only need; pay for services that you only as well.
AT&T U-verse offers the clearest TV, internet and voice because of fiber optic technology. This is not affected by weather or even the distance of the subscriber to the base. Fiber optic will be the communications technology of tomorrow and AT&T readies its customers for it.
U-verse allows you to integrate your services together also with their bundled services. Voice features like voice mail may be accessed online while caller IDs may be checked through the TV. This is very convenient for any subscriber.
U-verse allows you to download faster compared to other services for an affordable rate. And since internet service is fast, you can enjoy online gaming, watching videos and faster music streaming allowing you to finish what you need to do faster as well.

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Disadvantages of using AT&T U-verse

Fiber optic is not yet available everywhere and so if you live remotely from the city you may need to wait for fiber optic installation. Customers are thus instructed to check the availability of U-verse from their location before they avail of installation. AT&T U-verse may be offered through a bundled offer but may still be more expensive compared to other providers. But as they say, there is no price for great quality.

Are There Any Alternatives Worth Mentioning ?

Well yes there are , you can get xfinity, Comcast ,Cox ,Charter ,CenturyLink but the next best thing to At&t in our opinion is Verizon Fios , we have arranged a deal for you guys to get 40% off fios at MyDealsClub here. Read their article to learn more about how fios works and whether you can get it , there is an availability tool here but our area is mostly covered anyway.

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QuickBooks Alternatives – What Are The Best Options

Information On Cloud-Based Accounting Programs

Numerous enterprises around the world are using QuickBooks as their go-to solution for accounting needs. In the past, bookkeeping was all about traditional solutions, but software has started to take a hold. This software is also becoming cloud-based to further the transition but it still being worked on at local businesses. Over time, it will become fully implemented as that’s what the Image result for QuickBooks Alternativesfuture looks like.

Cloud-based accounting programs make it easier for users to access their accounts/data from anywhere. Want to put in a receipt? What about taking a look at your invoices? You can do this without moving from your spot, and that’s what makes it unique. The devices can sync with the cloud-based accounting software in seconds. Plus, these cloud-based accounting software solutions make it easier for busy business owners to remain on top of their funds.

Best QuickBooks Alternatives

A big player on the market is FreshBooks, which is built for small businesses look to use an accessible, easy to implement software. It has the same list of features and comes at a similar price point. Freshbooks provides users with the opportunity to sign up for a pricing plan if necessary.

In general, FreshBooks can go toe to toe with QuickBooks on every feature when the comparison is made. Businesses can optimize their setup quickly, safely, and efficiently in seconds. Here is a look at some of these features based on what one would get with QuickBooks and FreshBooks.

Financially, FreshBooks saves users $20/month in comparison to QuickBooks.

1) QB Simple Start
2) Credit Card Processing
3) Time Tracking
4) Recurring Billing
5) Bank Feed Import
7) Send and Track INvoices
8) Pricing ($15/Month)

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FreshBooks and its financial partners make it easier to get paid. The market rate transaction pricing is built on the shoulders of putting money in the bank.

The user can maximize his/her account and look at using various payment options before deciding which one is best for them.

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For example, you can go ahead and enable credit card use for easier payments. The user receives an immediate invoice to their account, and the client gets to use this payment method.

This is what makes it easier to get your funds. The credit card invoicing gives you the money when you want it and its free.

Quickbooks does not provide the same components and quality that comes along with its alternatives. FreshBooks can offer real-time customer support along with its comprehensive accounting software. The alternatives offer a unique array of software options that make them perfect for long-term use as a small business. Take the time to dissect the various pros and cons before deciding for your financial setup. It is time to look at the value of FreshBooks as an alternative because it is cheap, effective, and proven among businesses. It is the best way to stay happy as time goes on.


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Kent State Students Financial Literacy And Budgeting

Kent Money Matters

Kent State University trainees will quickly have a special chance to gain professional finance experience. Beginning in the fall, the Kent State University Foundation will successfully begin ” working with” the students to manage present investable properties. The Student Managed Investment Fund will be the first of its kind at Kent State. The purpose is to offer trainees real-world experience and advance profession chances.

The program is designed to prepare students to operate in the possession management organisation with an in-depth understanding of how the company works and how business arrange to supply superior products and services to private and institutional financiers. Image result for student money management kent
At the start of each school year, Kent State University faculty, personnel and trainees volunteer to assist incoming freshmen move into the university’s dormitory. The annual service program, called Movers and Groovers, is collaborated by Kent Interhall Council, the trainee federal government of the home halls on the Kent Campus. The volunteers help brand-new trainees and their families, providing help and assisting to make the move-in procedure less difficult.

Financial Wellness For Students

The President’s Advisory Council on Financial Literacy defines financial literacy as “the ability to use understanding and skills to handle funds successfully for a life time of monetary well-being.” Financial health has to do with much more than having the ability to stabilize your checkbook, compare costs, or get a job. It is about acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to manage and make sound monetary choices in your everyday life.

 Tips To Save Money As A Student
Get a discount– We post deals and coupons on our homepage , There are numerous websites providing a variety of coupons so take your trainee discount rate card with you everywhere you go and always ask if there are any student uses.

Get a great accounting software to keep track of all your expenses so you can budget wisely , we recommend reading this Xero Review or this freshbook review for insites on both of these

Make a wish list and adhere to it! Plan your meals for the week and compose a wish list. This will stop you from impulse buying.

And don’t go shopping hungry – you will simply end up buying more than you require!

If you can, get a job– we comprehend this is simpler said than done, however the Jobshop is an excellent service attaching numerous students with jobs every year.

Go to the employability web pages for suggestions on getting a task.

Shut off lights and electrical devices– and just have the heating on when you are in. This will help keep your expenses down.

Also, keep in mind to sign up any meter readings with the utility business when you relocate so you do not get stung by any unpaid costs remaining by the old tenants.

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